READ THIS: 4 Ways Reading Improves Brain Health

Aug 30, 2022 | Cognitive Health, Healthy Living

Reading for a Stronger, Healthier Brain

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes! I enjoy curling up with a good book before bed or during weekends on my back porch. And there’s good news: Not only is reading enjoyable, it’s very good for your cognitive health! When you read on a regular basis, you can…

  • Strengthen connections your the brain
  • Improve your memory and concentration
  • Reduce physical & emotional signs of stress
  • Reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline

Make Reading a Habit

If reading is not something you regularly prioritize, then try these tips to make it a habit:

  • Put a book by the places at home where you sit the most.
  • Read books on topics that interest you.
  • Join a local or online book club.
  • Get a library card.
  • Read the book before you see the movie adaptation.
  • Subscribe to a monthly book box or magazine to have new reading material delivered to your front door every month.

Share a Book – and Health Benefits! – with Others

Reading to a Child Improves Brain Health | Pamela Dixon, Medicare Solutions

I also have an idea for you that would give you a double boost to your cognitive health through reading AND volunteerism, as well as improving the cognitive health and literacy of others. Why not volunteer read to a child or children? There are many places where you can offer this service – at your church, local school, daycare, community youth center, etc.

When a child is read to, it has many educational and health benefits for them, no matter the age. Through reading, you can positively impact the lives of your local children and receive many benefits, too.

And, of course, you can also regularly read to your own grandchildren!

No matter what you read or where you read it, I hope I have inspired you to pick up a book and start reading today!

Speaking of children and reading… I wanted to share about a local nonprofit that I support: Great Books for Kids. My dear friend, Jen Tacbas, is a mom with a mission to gift high-quality books to elementary-aged children in southeast Georgia for their homes. The positive impact of Jen’s efforts on kids’ interest in reading and their reading skills is already being reported by local teachers and will serve these children for a lifetime.

I encourage you to visit the Great Books for Kids website at to learn more about their mission and how you can support it!

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