Learn a New Language to Improve Brain Health

May 13, 2022 | Cognitive Health, Healthy Living

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? I encourage you to do so! Exploring a new language can be fun and greatly helps to keep your brain sharp.

  • Increases overall brain function and reasoning
  • Improves memory, attention span, creativity & communication skills
  • Lowers the risks for brain aging, dementia, and Alzheimer’s
  • Can slow the progression of brain deterioration in dementia patients

Many Methods of Learning a New Language

There are many ways in which you can learn a new language. Inquire at your local library if they have any books, audio-books, CDs or videos for learning languages. Look for in-person classes in your area or local community college. There are plenty of language education apps for your mobile devices or online courses you can take! You also find a lot of helpful videos on YouTube.

Make Learning Fun with a Friend

Why not double the fun by finding a friend to learn the new language with you?

One language that is particularly fun to learn and practice with a friend is ASL – American Sign Language! It is a very visual and beautifully expressive language. Sign language helps to develop small motor skills because of the dexterity required for communicating with hand gestures.

What New Language Will YOU Discover?

Whatever language you choose, and in whatever way you choose to learn it, I know you will have fun while improving your brain health!

Be sure to check out next month’s blog post for another great cognitive health tip!

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