Why Having a Local Medicare Agent is Valuable

Mar 1, 2022 | Medicare Tips

Are you turning 65 this year? Happy early birthday!

As your milestone birthday approaches, it may begin to seem like everyone knows about it. You may start to be bombarded with Medicare advertisements in the mail, on the phone, and through email. Many of these folks are from large corporate agencies and call centers looking to quickly enroll as many people in a Medicare health plan as possible. Yikes! Is this the only way you can go about enrolling in Medicare?

A More Personal Option

What if instead there was a trusted, local agent in your town you could meet with in-person? (or virtually or over the phone – whatever is most comfortable & convenient for you)

What if this person took the time to educate you on Medicare and fully answer all of your questions?

Someone who has your best interests at heart and truly cares about helping you to decide on a health plan that is optimal for your unique personal and financial circumstances?

Who would you prefer working with to help guide you through making important Medicare decisions: a person from a call center…or the trusted, local agent who cares?

If you would prefer to work with a local agent who has your best interests at heart, I am ready to help you!

Pamela Dixon - Platinum Premier Producer https://pameladixon.com
Let’s Get Started!

When you are ready, I invite you to call me at 912-269-4755 or complete the contact form on my New to Medicare webpage, and we’ll set up a no-cost in-person or phone consultation. During this consultation, I will help you go from being confused and overwhelmed by Medicare to informed and confident! I will take the time to help you…

  • Simplify the Medicare process!
  • Sort out your health plan options!
  • Maximize your benefits!
  • Decide on a health plan that is optimal for your circumstances!
  • Avoid expensive penalties!

Then you will be able to get back to living your life with peace of mind about your healthcare!

Building Our Relationship

Once you’re enrolled in a Medicare health plan, our relationship is just beginning! I will continue to contact you regularly throughout the year.

  • I will keep up-to-date on all the many health plan changes and updates. If your plan is affected by these updates, I will personally reach out to you to discuss them.
  • I will email to you my monthly client newsletter. Here, I will remind you about valuable health plan benefits you may have forgotten, invite you to upcoming events, share tips and recipes for living a healthy lifestyle and much more!
  • You will also receive a few additional surprise greetings through the mail because I value you!

I will also be available to help you change or update your Medicare health plan in the future. Instead of having to call a large corporate agency’s call center at a 1-800 number and speak to a different person each time, you can call me directly! I will already have built a relationship with you and know your Medicare health plan history. I can meet you personally to discuss your options and help you enroll in a different plan. I will always be here for you!

An Invitation for You…
June 9 Medicare Made Simple - Pamela Dixon

Want to learn more about Medicare but aren’t ready to set up a consultation yet? I invite you to attend my upcoming event on June 9 from 4:00-5:00pm at the Brunswick Country Club! At Medicare Made Simple, you will be able to meet me, enjoy a delicious dessert and learn helpful information, including answers to common Medicare questions…

  • When should I enroll in Medicare?
  • I’m turning 65 but not retiring – Do I enroll in Medicare?
  • What are the steps to enroll in Medicare?
  • What is credible coverage?
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • How do I bridge the financial gap that Medicare doesn’t cover?
  • How can I save money?
  • How do I avoid penalties?

Call me to RSVP at 912-269-4755. Space is limited at this event, so call today to reserve your spot. I look forward to educating you and guiding you through the Medicare process!

Want my help right away? Call me today at 912-269-4755, and we can set up an in-person or phone consultation for a day and time that is convenient for you!

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