The Benefits of a Trusted, Local Medicare Insurance Agent

Oct 13, 2023 | Exciting News, In the Community, Medicare Tips

Did you see my article in The Brunswick News? In it, I shared about…

  • my passion for serving my community.
  • the types of Medicare insurance scenarios I can help you with.
  • the benefits of calling ME for Medicare health plan guidance verses calling a 1-800 number to a national insurance company’s telesales agent.
  • what you can expect during a personal consultation with me.
  • my clients’ endorsements.
  • guidance about the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

Click HERE to read the article, or I’ve copied the verbiage below for easy access. Happy reading!

Local Agent Offers Exceptional Service, Peace of Mind to Medicare Clients

Pamela Dixon has a passion for serving her fellow neighbors. Her husband, Bruce Dixon, and she have been active participants in the Golden Isles community for the past 26 years. Naturally, she gravitated to a career which makes a difference in the lives of others.

“As a local, trusted Medicare insurance agent, I have the opportunity to help our community members make informed and confident decisions about their healthcare,” Dixon said.

“I assist people in a variety of situations,” Dixon went on to explain. “Many clients come to me because they are turning 65, new to Medicare, and feel overwhelmed. Some clients decide to work past 65 and ask me to ‘do the math’ to see if their employer coverage or full Medicare is more beneficial to them. Others are planning to retire and need my help transitioning from employer coverage. Recently, I’ve had an increased number of clients who have moved to the area from another state and want to change their health plan. It brings me joy to help so many people in our community.”

Pamela Dixon is a licensed Medicare insurance agent in Georgia who can help you enroll in your most beneficial Medicare health plan.

Even though Dixon is licensed in other insurance disciplines, she has chosen to focus solely on Medicare insurance, which has enabled her to acquire a deep knowledge of Medicare health plans and regulations.

“As a licensed Medicare insurance agent who lives in our local area, I know the plans well that are offered here. This is one of the biggest benefits of having me as your agent verses calling a 1-800 number for Medicare insurance help,” she said.

Dixon explained other advantages of having her as a local agent.

“Every time you call a national insurance company for help, you will speak with a different person each time. My clients understand the value of being able to call me — their personal healthcare agent. I know their unique health and financial circumstances. They trust my guidance will be tailored to their specific needs, and they feel confident that I always have their best interests at heart,” she said.

For the last four years, Dixon has earned the Platinum Premier designation, which is awarded to UnitedHealthcare’s Top 2% of Medicare insurance agents in America.

Pamela Dixon is a licensed Medicare Insurance Agent serving Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.
Pamela Dixon of Dixon Benefit Group

While she is often sought out to speak at retirement planning seminars for local organizations and corporations, Dixon focuses much of her time meeting with clients personally.

“When a community member contacts me for my Medicare expertise, I arrange a personal consultation, so I can devote my full attention to that individual,” Dixon said.

Dixon shares the goals of her consultation process, “I guide my clients through the entire Medicare process from start to finish. Medicare can be very confusing for people. I feel it is important to educate my clients about Medicare and take the time to fully answer their questions,” she said.

“To make things easier for them,” Dixon went on to explain, “I create a custom step-by-step timeline for each client to follow, detailing when they should enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B and when to apply for supplemental healthcare. Following this timeline will help my clients avoid having to pay expensive penalties.”

Choosing a health insurance plan is one of the most difficult aspects of Medicare. Dixon specializes in health plans that complement a person’s Medicare. “A supplemental health plan can help bridge the financial gap that Medicare doesn’t cover. It allows my client to rest assured they won’t face a catastrophic bill for a procedure,” Dixon said.

During the final step of the consultation, Dixon guides her clients through choosing the most beneficial plan for their circumstances and then enrolls them in their selected plan.

“At the end of our consultation, my clients often share with me the peace of mind they feel about their healthcare,” Dixon said. “They breathe a big sigh of relief.”

Call Pamela Dixon of Dixon Benefit Group to schedule a personal consultation and she will help you find and enroll in your most beneficial Medicare health plan.

Susan M. from Jekyll Island is one such client. “Pamela Dixon is an absolute wonder! After consulting with several agents, we discovered Pamela with her amazing knowledge & expertise! She helped us find and join just the right Medicare plan for our needs. She saw to it that everything was expedited smoothly and seamlessly. My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend her. Definitely five stars for Pamela!” Susan said.

St. Simons Island resident, Mike F. and his wife, did not have a local agent and contacted Pamela for help.

“Pamela Dixon has proven to be a Godsend to us. I contacted her after an unsatisfactory experience with a healthcare plan. She listened to our concerns and then educated us on a plan that fit our needs perfectly. My wife had to undergo extensive back surgery shortly after we changed plans, and I cannot estimate how much money and frustration Pamela has saved us. Her continued follow-up reflects the care she expresses for her clients. I would give her 10 stars if possible.”

Many clients endorse Pamela Dixon as a trusted, local Medicare insurance agent.

Giving back to her community through her career is a rewarding experience for Dixon.

“Being a local Medicare insurance agent brings me real joy, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to help so many people have peace of mind about their healthcare,” Dixon said. “I am also thankful for those who have referred their friends and family to me. A referral is the best compliment.”

With the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) about to begin — October 15 through December 7 — Dixon offers guidance.

“If a person wants to make a change to their health plan, the Annual Enrollment Period is the time to do that, and they should call their personal agent. If they don’t have one, they can reach out to me for help.”

Dixon looks forward to helping new clients take the guesswork out of Medicare. “I am licensed and authorized to offer health plans in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. I invite our community members to call me at 912-269-4755, or visit my website at, to schedule a personal consultation,” she said.

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