Boost Brain Health with Art!

Mar 24, 2022 | Cognitive Health, Healthy Living, In the Community

In this month’s Cognitive Health spotlight, I am encouraging you to regularly incorporate ART into your routine because it is good for your brain!

Many studies have shown that creating art stimulates the brain and enhances brain function in many positive ways: 

  • Improves focus
  • Improves memory
  • Reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels
  • Increases happiness and improves sleep by raising serotonin levels
  • Provides a means for self-expression
  • Reduces depression and builds coping skills

Art is SO good for the brain, it is used in helping patients recover from things like traumatic brain injuries and strokes!

Sharing the Power of Art with Our Local Seniors

The health of my clients and my community members is important to me! Earlier this month, I wanted to give back in a meaningful way to our local senior citizens at the Roosevelt Harris Jr. Senior Center in Brunswick…so I held an ART PARTY!

We turned on some music and passed out a few delicious snacks for the artists to enjoy while they worked. I brought beautiful coloring books filled with uplifting and inspiring famous quotes and boxes of colorful crayons. I also brought along magic painting books and paint brushes, which were a big hit! When a brush was dipped in water and painted over the black and white patterns in the picture, vibrant colors were revealed!

We successfully turned the community room of the Roosevelt Harris Jr. Senior Center into a busy art studio! Every single person said how much they enjoyed creating their artwork. The warm smiles on their faces filled me with such joy!

I purchased and donated all the art books and supplies to the center, so that these beautiful artists can unleash their creativity anytime they like!

One Art Party with Twice the Benefits

While this art party directly benefitted our local seniors at the Roosevelt Harris Jr Senior Center, it also supported another local organization, too!

When it came time to purchase the coloring and magic painting books, I reached out to my friend, Jen Tacbas, for guidance. Jen is the founder of the local child literacy nonprofit, Great Books for Kids, whose mission is to donate high-quality books to elementary-aged children in southeast Georgia for their homes.

Jen knows where to find some of the best books for kids of all ages. She helped me choose a wide variety of beautiful art books for the senior art party. And the equally amazing part? 25% of my book order’s purchase total was donated to Great Books for Kids!

What a blessing to be able to support our local seniors AND this wonderful children’s literacy organization at the same time!

Jen and her daughter attended the party to talk about the art books and to create some art of their own.

A Colorful Morning to Remember

All in all, it was a wonderful morning filled with beautiful people creating beautiful art. It was so nice to have the opportunity to talk with the artists and see their artwork. I left the center with a big smile and a full heart. I can’t wait until my next senior art party!

Be sure to check out next month’s newsletter for another great cognitive health tip!

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