Free College Classes for Georgia Residents Aged 62 & Up: Amendment 23

Mar 21, 2023 | Cognitive Health, Exciting News, Healthy Living

Did you know?? Amendment 23 was approved in Georgia in 1976; it allows for Georgia residents aged 62 and older to take classes for free at certain schools in the University System of Georgia! One such school is the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick, GA. 

Amendment 23 Program at the College of Coastal Georgia

Whether intending to enroll for credit or non-credit purposes, admissions through Amendment 23 allows eligible applicants to attend classes free of tuition (some fees and supply costs will still apply) on a space available basis.

According to CCGA’s website, “Under Amendment 23, a student can choose to take courses for credit and earn a degree from the College of Coastal Georgia. For these students, they will need to submit their official transcripts from all previous schools along with their application.

Non-degree students can choose to audit classes, meaning they will not be required to submit all previous transcripts, and only need to show proof of previous college in the form of a diploma or college transcript. Non-degree students can attend for multiple semesters and register for classes on a space-available basis. Some fees may still apply, including supplies (books and materials), lab fees, or shop fees.”

Visit the college’s website for Amendment 23 program guidance on how to apply.

For questions, such as what classes are available in the Amendment 23 program, the Office of Admission can be reached here:

College of Coastal Georgia
Office of Admissions
1 College Drive, Brunswick, GA 31520

What an exciting opportunity for our local seniors! 

The Impact of Learning New Things on Brain Health

Learning new things combined with the social interaction of attending in-person classes are fantastic ways to boost your cognitive health! A healthy brain is vital to your overall health.

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